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"In the beginning the universe was created. This made a lot of people angry and has widely been considered as a bad move."

Hello, I'm Katie, 18, England. multifandom|feminism|photography


Gwen John, 1876-1939

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i made my own tag meme

  • why is
  • im gonna
  • dont
  • i cant
  • look at
  • where
  • stop

i think yesterday was actually my favourite and the most perfect day of my life (✿◠‿◠)

My best friend, Sherlock Holmes.. is dead.

today we went to the forest and made a den and it was so beautiful

“Don’t you get it? I chose you, over anyone else. I always fucking choose you.”

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↳ reversed sherlock quotes that actually make some kind of sense⎨1⎬

#john looks hot in the third gif #but maybe that’s just my john-doesn’t-love-mary-anymore kink showing


MORMOR AU: Months after the Reichenbachfall, Jim Moriarty meets up with Irene Adler to rebuild his criminal empire, destroyed by the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. To his misgiving, the woman has something else in mind. Some hours later, however, his loyal marksman Sebastian Moran receives a short message. “Counduit Street. Bring wine.”

no no no nononno alice my baby dont be hurt dont be sad can i just hug you for ever

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Sherlock + just a small cute baby in TSO3

dingdongno asked: ☄ and ✞ :)

ohwooahho i didnt see this yesterday thank friend

picture of you

this is quite an old photo but it has benny in it so yay

are you religious? nope! i am an atheist

wohoo thank you for asking me :)