+Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult
+The L Word
+Black Books
+Sherlock Series 3
+60s girl groups
+The Boat That Rocked soundtrack
+this playlist
+pokemon x
+animal crossing: new leaf
+professor layton & the azran legacy

"In the beginning the universe was created. This made a lot of people angry and has widely been considered as a bad move."

Hello, I'm Katie, 18, England. multifandom❃feminism❃photography

infj, gay meme, preferred pronouns are she/hers/they/theirs

packing for uni. leaving tomorrow. aaaahhhhhhhhhHhhhhhhHHHH


Literally me tonight when it comes to Scotland’s Independence.

Can I get “If you were my girlfriend…” messages?


in the morning

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Anonymous asked: ahhhh you're so pretty and i love your hair

whwhwhwhat thank you so much anon you are the cutest ahh!! ✿

you were the best and the wisest man
that I have ever known

of course I forgive you


"bisexuals are unfaithful and greedy"
you’re right. i have no faith in ur bitch ass attitude. i also want all of those brownies. no i will not share


tumblr is so cool because it makes everyone seem so human? like i follow college professors who write johnlock porn and biology phds who cosplay and sex workers who draw fanart and it’s just. really cool.


Too late to go on the record?

i got this new primer that makes my skin not red and blotchy so excuse the weird selfies just showin off my skin~


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Top 3 = before Bottom 3 = after 90 minutes work

My room was in chaos and I’m leaving for uni in 4 days. Didn’t want to leave it in a horrible state so I absolutely blitzed it as fast as I could. Tidied, folded all clothes, organised wardrobe, dusted and hoovered, in under 2 hours. A little work and I now have a beautiful unfucked bedroom. :)

Anonymous asked: Always thought that John's worry over Sherlock's name being smeared by the media in TRF was due to basic empathy, but just realized there's more to it-- He's seen it done before, with another good friend who was destroyed by the media, who became a complete recluse, whose only interaction with people now are getting death threats from them. He knows someone who has never recovered from being publicly torn to shreds the way like that, and doesn't want to see it happen again.